Beard transplant is hair transplant procedure to grow hair at beard area. The beard transplant is required by the people those don’t have hair at beard at all. Or those who want to correct the hair line of beard. Beard hair transplant is also useful for restore the hair loss due to scar and burn.

  • Both scalp hairs and body hairs can be used for the beard transplant.
  • One should not be disappointed due to less density of beard hair or not ho have good hair line at face or chin.
  • The beard transplant is performed by FUE technique.

Why use Beard Hair instead of Scalp Hair?

In most hair transplants, the surgeon will remove hair from the back of the scalp – known as the donor zone – and transplant it to wherever it’s needed. Hairs from this region of the scalp seem particularly resistant to hair loss, and are usually hardy enough to withstand the transplant.

Not all patients, however, have enough hair in the donor zone, and some may not have any scalp hair at all. For these situations, body hair derived from the arms, legs, and chest is be the next best alternative. Again, not all patients have this type of hair either. For these cases, facial hair can be removed and transplanted to other areas of the scalp.

Beard hair transplants may work on patients with male pattern hair loss (MPH), but not with other types of alopecia. Patients with alopecia universalis, for example, have no hair on the entirety of their body, and thus are ineligible for this type of procedure.

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