A thin or absent brows can draw unwanted attention to face. Eyebrows Hair Transplant is a procedure designed to restore growing hair to eyebrows that are overly thin, scarred, or completely missing. The absence of hair can be due to genetics, prior electrolysis or laser hair removal, over plucking, thyroid or other hormonal abnormalities, or trauma due to surgery, burns or other types of accidents.

At our center, we use proven FUE hair transplantation techniques to solve permanent hair loss in the brow area.

The 2 hour procedure is essentially painless, as is the recovery period. For the first 2 to 4 days after the procedure, tiny crusts are around each transplanted hair. The transplanted hairs fall out at around 2 weeks, and then start to regroup at 3 months, where they will continue to grow for a lifetime.

Eyebrow Restoration is a more delicate procedure because of the eyebrows facial visibility which is much more noticeable than the scalp. Eyebrow restoration surgeries have since evolved into a cosmetic procedure favored by people wishing to have perfect eyebrows.

The new eyebrow will look natural but it is not a perfect procedure. Since the hair is taken from the back of your scalp, it will continue to grow long and periodic trimming is required.

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