Hair loss in men is commonly joined with genes and for some in a common pattern. Apart from genes it can be a hormonal or even a sex related issue. Another reason is age and the testosterone level. While in women it is related to hormonal, illness and diet.

By the name one can figure it’s a surgical procedure that involves taking some hair follicles from the donor area from the patient’s body and transplanting them to the bald area or recipient area. Apart from the head hair transplant is also helpful to regain hair on the eyelashes, eyebrows, chest, pubic and beard areas.

In fact the procedure even follows the natural growing of hairs in groups of 1 to 4 hairs hence, maintaining a natural look. There are two ways of harvesting: follicular unit extraction and strip harvesting.

Ludhiana has many established hair transplant clinics with highly equipped facilities for all types of hair procedures. The doctors are also experts who have trained from renowned colleges and hospitals. Most of them have even worked in hospitals abroad in countries like America and UK. The treatment is of state of art level.

The FUE procedure offered here is less painful and the doctors use minimal stitches hence, less scars giving a completely natural look with no side effects. The centers are equipped with state of the art OT equipment’s.

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