Baldness can lower down self-esteem of a person and making them feel less attractive. Peoples who suffer from severe hair loss problem often feel a lack of confidence. Fortunately, this is not a solution as nowadays lot of non surgical medical procedures are available to cure hair loss and balding problems.

Procedures include Head hair transplant, beard hair transplant, body hair transplant and also special hair restoration procedures for women that include eyebrow, head, and eyebrow hair transplantation by FUE technique and PRP therapy for Hair Loss.

Aura Hair Transplant offering Best Hair Transplant, FUE & FUT or Body Hair Transplantation in Patiala at affordable price. We at AHT are the first choice for hair transplantation, hair restoration and hair loss treatments by the people of Patiala.

The question arises is that how hair transplant is done?

There are two primary techniques that are used for hair transplantation. The FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) both procedures are different in the way hair follicles are extracted from the donor area. In FUE hair transplantation each unit of follicular are removed in a random fashion and results is less density that even not noticeable in the donor area. On the other hand FUT process involves removing a small strip tissue from the back of head where hair follicles extracted from donor area. FUT is the proffered method that allows surgeons to fully utilise the scalp area to deliver consistent results that meet the patient requirements.

Some of the patients have reported highly discomfort after having FUT procedures as compared to FUE due to swelling where strip tissues was removed. In that case pain medication can be prescribed by the physician if required. We have qualified professionals’ team of hair transplant specialist and 2000+ satisfied patients worldwide.

Aura Hair Transplant offers hair transplant and cosmetic surgery at affordable price in Patiala. You can avail FUE & PRP hair transplant surgery to get rid of hair loss and baldness forever.

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